Grant Making Trusts

Grants are a great way to support the running of charities in the uk. Many organisations are run on a shoe string so any additional money that can be made from trusts is a welcome boost to their bank account. The recession has also made it difficult for a charity to keep staff and run their programmes and projects as a lot of core costs are from donations and donors don’t have the spare cash to support causes anymore. More moey is always needed to keep voluntary sector organisations and charities afloat and a good way to increase revenues is by attracting funding via grant making trusts. These trusts support thousands of charitable causes in the uk and abroad and have a wide remit so its important to find out if the trusts you know are interested in what your charity does. Always check their website and so on before you make any contact with them, as grant making trusts don’t like organisations that have not their homework and have made random applications to their trust. If you have researched the funder and its a good fit with your charity then the next step if to find out the administrators name and trustees of the grant making trust. It is a good idea to make contact vi email and then phone them. Trusts get hundreds of "cold call" applications a year so your personal touch should go a long way to cement a relationship and then you have a better chance of attracting the funding from the trust in the future.

Making an Application To a Grant Making Trust

If you have managed to do you homework and contact the trustees of the organisation, you should be better equipped and ready to make an application for funding. its important to know what level a trust can fund. It’s no good asking for twenty thousand pounds when the trust only gives charities a few hundred. If you know how much the trust makes each year and what interest the organisation is earning, you should be able to assess what money can be offered to external charities and voluntary sector bodies. Be pessimistic in how much funding you are asking for and don’t ask for too much as grant making trusts often check your website and the charity commission before offering funding.


There are thousands of grant giving bodies in Scotland and England. Some only have ten thousand pounds reserve while others have millions in the bank. Again research and making contact is the key to securing monies from them. Explain clearly what you do and what projects you run. While some trusts may not offer you a grant, they may offer a small donation to help support your goals and programmes in the future. Good luck in attracting your funding